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Entrevista - Stefano Lancioni


 P: Fiz uma entrevista com um grande artista das figuras italino, Stefano Lancioni, premiado em importantes concursos europeus, como Monte San Savino e outros, com materias publicadas na revista Soldatini. Para quem quer conhecer mais de seu trabalho, ele tem um blog excelente, que já está na lista dos links há muito tempo e que consulto com frequência:


Sem mais delongas, passamos a entrevista!!!!

Entrevista Stefano Lancioni

1. 1.       Age, were you was born and were do you live;

I’m 41, I’ve been born in Piacenza (Emilia Romagna, Italy) and now I’m living in Milan (Lombardia Italy), with my wife and two Kids.

2.2.       Do you have a favorite subject or historic period/theme?
Not really, I love all our history, really fascinated by WWII, Napoleonic Wars and Ancient Wars and Classic Arts;

3. What is your favorite scale?
I know just 1:32/1:35 .. J jokes apart.. I usually paint just 54mm, in past I painted 75/90 and Busts, but at last I consider the maximum expression of this art in 54 or less.
In my personal opinion, some of the best pieces ever made come from Bill Horan, Cannone Brothers, Mariano Numitone, Van Gils.. there’re more, but these are my view of art modeling.

1. 4. Among your works, there is any that you  consider special?
….always the next one.. I think that every time that you approach to a new work you put in it something new, new experiments, new idea.. so, definitely the next one.


     5. Witch technics and materials do you use in your work?
I use acrylic colors, most of all Vallejo, I prefer this brand for a sort of plastics properties that they have, perfect for my method, then, there’re few colors of different brands that I use, e.g. Flat Black Andrea, Van Dike Red Liquitex, some Golden colors, sometimes I use Oil colors for few things such as Leathers, steel, wood. My technique is based on “blending” method, first, I search the volumes of the figure and fix the lights and shadows.. then I search the smoothness with the "blending" technique.

26. What artists influenced your work?
A lot.. J If I have to mention few, I’d say Jaume Ortiz, Vittorio Meneghello, Diego Ruina, Fernando Ruiz, I love the Korean and Japanese artists as well, they are very very precise.

37. Can you tell us any technic or trick, something that you use to share with us?
Just paint.. and paint again, and make attention to any single detail.. that it makes the difference.

     8. What do you consider the most difficult to do in a figure?
Don’t really know.. I try to pay particular attention to the face, obviously because is a central part of the figure, the hands and the shoes, that usually are underestimated, but as I said I try to make attention on the whole figure, in any details.


     9. Do you do painting courses?
Not for now .. Actually I don’t have any request in this way. But I’m always happy to share my point of view, I don’t like to speak about teach and learn.. I prefer speak about exchange suggestions and ideas, and in case, I like to share “my” method, that in some cases, for someone else cannot work.. that’s fine, the good is that we are all different.



          10. In what projects you are working know?
Now I’m working on some commissions, one is a Latorre’s confederate really cool.
Hope to show soon something.

7.       11. Can you give any advice for the figure painters?
Sometimes you wish it was easier, but if it was, everyone else would do it, then you realize that you don't want to be like everyone else.. hahaha!! I’m joking, well.. not really J but I’d say never give up.

         We would like to thank you the attention and for share with us your knowledge!!!!
I want to thank you for this opportunity, really appreciate.

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P: Antes de passar para os metais, apliquei umas veladuras com rojo mate no rosto, isso ajuda a unificar e tonalizar a área. Os pontos pretos se soltaram do elmo, já consegui remover a maioria, mas os que não saíram vão ficar cobertos.
E: Antes de enpezar con los metales, hice unas veladuras con rojo mate en la cara para unificar y tonalizar la face. Los puntitos negros se despelaran del casaco, pero ya los he sacado y si alguno ha se quedado va estar por bajo.

Área das veladuras:

P: Agora é o momento de iniciar o trabalho nos metais. Pintei o elmo com aerógrafo e a couraça com pincel. Fiz uns vídeos da pintura do elmo.
E: Ahora es el momiento de enpezar el trabajo con los metales, el casco esta echo con aerógrafo y la coraza con pincel. Hice unos vídeos del trabajo en lo casco.

base: Negro950(valejjo) + heavy metal(SC)
Luz: base + hevay metal, nas últimas luzes gris plata
Sombras: negro- veladuras:

1ª luz:
2ª luz:
3ª luz:

Sombras: veladuras progressivas, com negro,
azul oxford:
Alguns cortes e efeitos com luz extrema:

Hasta luego!!!!